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Landlords warned to get electrics checked now to avoid problems in 2025

With projections indicating a shortfall of over 15,000 electricians over the next five years, it's imperative to get ahead, understand the implications for your business, and take proactive steps to address them.

Key Questions for Landlords with the General Election Looming

Discover Key Questions for Landlords Amidst UK General Election 2024 - Explore how legislative, tax, and regulatory changes could impact your investments.

Calls for Energy Performance Certificate Reform: What It Means for Landlords

Elmhurst Energy, a leading authority in the energy assessment sector, is calling for significant reforms to the EPC system. But what would these changes mean for landlords, especially in the context of the upcoming General Election and the possibility of a new government?

What the July 4th General Election Means for the UK Property Sector

For landlords and letting agents, this election brings both uncertainty and the potential for substantial changes. Here's an in-depth look at what this could mean for you.

Is It Better To Be A Private Landlord Or Use A Letting Agent?

Trying to decide between being a private landlord or using a letting agent? You're not alone. It's a difficult decision that many rental property owners struggle with.

How To Create Successful Property Listings As A Landlord

Succeeding as a landlord all begins with marketing your rental property in the best way possible. No matter how attractive your property is, renters may never see it if it’s not listed correctly.

How To Save Money And Increase Your Profits As A Landlord

Whether you're a new landlord or an experienced rental property owner, you've probably been hit with some unexpected costs at one point or another.

What Are Tenants Looking For In A Property?

Whether you're looking to add a new property to your portfolio or are a first-time landlord, it's important to understand what features tenants are looking for in a rental property.

All-Inclusive Vs Non-Inclusive Renting Options: Advice For Landlords

To make your decision easier, we've narrowed down the pros and cons of each rental option.

Creating An Energy-Efficient Home To Attract Loyal Tenants

Investing in the energy efficiency of your rental property is a great way to find the type of tenant who will be loyal and respectful of your property.

Letting Agents’ Responsibilities: What Do Letting Agents Do?

What does a letting agent do? Find out who is responsible: the letting agent or the landlord?

How landlords can automate property safety certificates

Whether you’re an established landlord or leasing a property for the first time, keeping up with all the legal safety requirements can be a massive headache.

What To Consider Before Becoming A Landlord: Pros & Cons

Considering leasing out a property? Want to profit from becoming a landlord in the UK? Before you make any decisions, here are some pros and cons.

Helpful advice for UK landlords: 6 things you should know

Have you just bought an investment property? Need some helpful advice for UK landlords to lease the right way? Here are 6 things every UK landlord should know.

Why Private Landlords Let Out Properties & Keep Their Jobs

Think all private landlords are rich and don’t work? A recent survey says otherwise. Learn why everyday people become UK landlords & their most popular day jobs.

Advice For Landlords: How To Automate Your Landlord Duties

Tired of spending so much time on landlord responsibilities? Wish there was a way to speed up property certificates, maintenance & more? Here's our advice.

Landlord Safety Certificates: What You Need To Avoid Fines

New to property letting? Not sure what safety certificates you need or what happens if you don't comply with government regulations? Read our certificate guide.

10 Mistakes UK Landlords Make & Our Advice For Avoiding Them

Want to see what common mistakes UK landlords make & how to prevent them? Avoid huge hassles, expensive fines & unnecessary stress. Read our blog

7 Estate Agency Marketing Ideas To Attract More Landlords

Finding it hard to attract and keep landlords in today's competitive market? Here are 7 marketing ideas for estate agents to get more landlords on the books.

Our Top Tips For Growing Your Landlord Or Agency Portfolio

Want to grow your property portfolio but not sure where to start? Need help investing wisely in new properties and attracting tenants or clients? Read our blog.

Tenants Gone Bad? How To Spot & Manage Problem Tenants

Dealing with bad tenants who break the rules, don't pay rent on time, or trash your property? Want to know how to manage problem tenants? Read our blog.

How To Improve The EPC Rating Of Your Properties

Need help improving the EPC rating for your letting properties? Want information on the VAT relief available & min. EPC rating for rental properties? Read blog.

How To Get Great Tenant Reviews: Landlord Dos and Don’ts

Positive landlord reviews are a fantastic way to attract future tenants to your rental properties. See what to do & what to avoid for great tenant reviews here.

How To Avoid Letting Agency Fines: Landlord Laws Guide

Are you up-to-date with landlord laws, obligations, and responsibilities? If not, your letting agency could be fined by the UK government. Learn how to avoid this here.

The ultimate move-in day checklist for UK landlords

So, to make sure you’re all prepped, set, and ready to go for moving tenants into your property, we’ve created the ultimate move-in checklist for you to tick off.

Timeless advice for new and aspiring landlords

Whether you’re an aspiring property owner or thinking of becoming a landlord for the first time, we have some timeless advice we think will really help you.

Gas Safety Responsibilities For Landlords

Don’t want the hassle of gas safety, electrical safety, or energy performance certificates? Learn how to automate all your landlord property certificates here.

Electrical Safety Responsibilities For Landlords To Follow

But how exactly do you ensure the electrical safety of your rental property? Keep reading to find out.

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