The ultimate move-in day checklist for UK landlords

Have new tenants moving in soon? While every landlord manages properties differently, it’s essential that you have everything sorted out in advance to make move-in day as seamless as possible.

Forgetting vital things, like making sure you have cleaned the property beforehand or obtaining the correct property certificates can seriously derail your day as you try to fix the issue and leave a bad taste in your tenants’ mouths.

So, to make sure you’re all prepped, set, and ready to go for moving tenants into your property, we’ve created the ultimate move-in checklist for you to tick off.

On this list, you’ll find everything from legal requirements you need to follow as a UK landlord to the practical matters you need to take care of for a move-in day that goes off without a hitch!


Right to rent Check that each of your tenants has the legal “right to rent” in the UK by checking their passport and other travel documentation
Reference check Verify your tenant’s landlord/employer references to ensure they are who they say they are and have a good previous record
Guarantor check If you need confirmation your tenant can afford rent (like with students) check their guarantor reference to protect yourself
Tenancy agreement Make sure you and your tenants have signed a tenancy agreement and give your tenants your contact information
Rental lease Create a detailed rental lease and have your tenants sign the lease. Then make sure you give them a copy within a month
Security deposit Get your tenant to send a month’s worth of rent in advance and a pre-agreed security deposit to your bank account
Deposit protection Ensure you protect your tenant’s deposit within a month of receiving it or you will be liable for landlord fines
Facilities check Make sure all electrical, heating, and plumbing infrastructure is working well. Take note of any issues and get them fixed
Inventory list Create a list of all inventory in the property and the condition of every product, piece of furniture, appliance, etc. Then get the list signed by all parties
Energy Performance Certificate Ensure your Energy Performance Certificate is in date and above E, and give your tenants a copy
Gas Safety Certificate Make sure your gas safety certificate is in date and give your tenants a copy of it
Electrical Installation Condition Report Ensure your Electrical Installation Condition report is in date and give your tenants a copy of it
Fire safety check Check that the property meets the UK government’s fire safety regulations or you will be liable for expensive fines
Test alarms Make sure your property’s smoke alarms/carbon monoxide alarms are in working order by testing them
Book property certificates Order property certificates that need to be renewed online and have them completed before move-in day
Lock change Protect your tenants and their belongings by changing the locks before they move-in
Clutter clearing Clear out anything left behind from previous tenants
Deep cleaning Ensure you or a cleaning company deep cleans the property from top to bottom
How to Rent Guide Give your tenants a copy of the UK government’s How to Rent Guide
Property walkthrough Show your tenant how to turn off mains and how key appliances work, and tell them anything else they need to know
Meter reading Take photographs of the electricity meter reading with your tenants so you both know their starting point for electricity bills
Give keys Don’t forget to hand over a copy of the keys to your tenants! It happens more often than you’d think!
Notify suppliers Tell your insurance, bin, electricity providers for the property that there are new tenants moving in – they’ll often send a welcome pack to them!

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The ultimate move-in day checklist for UK landlords

So, to make sure you’re all prepped, set, and ready to go for moving tenants into your property, we’ve created the ultimate move-in checklist for you to tick off.

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