Certificate by due date

or you get it for free

Bulk properties


We liaise between tenants

and service providers for you

Never forget to

renew again

A platform where landlords and service
providers can effortlessly manage their bookings

gas safety

Gas Safety Certificate

£50 + VAT

2 gas appliances

Unchecked or badly maintained gas
appliances pose a potential risk to
your tenant's safety, which could result in a gas leak or fatal explosion.


Electrical Installation
Condition Report

£125 + VAT

3 bedrooms

Electrical fires can be caused in a
property due to faulty wiring or
equipment. To prevent this, all
installations must be well maintained
and in full working order.


Residential Energy
Performance Certificate

£50 + VAT

3 bedrooms

Gain valuable energy efficient
recommendations that can save you
money, whilst finding out how much it
will cost to heat
and power the property.

Why Symple?

For Landlords

  • No more chasing after tradespeople - it is our responsibility to get the job done
  • No more hassle arranging appointments - we'll liaise between your tenants and service providers
  • No more forgetting to renew. When the service is due again, we'll take care of it
  • We will ensure you receive your certificate by the due date, or you get it for free*
  • Bulk import of multiple properties

  • For Service Providers

  • No need to look for work. With Symple, work comes looking for you
  • You will be notified of available jobs, you pick and choose the jobs you want
  • Our clever system handles the admin for you -no more headaches
  • No need to raise invoices or chase for payment. You will be paid automatically direct to you bank account
  • You choose how far you are willing to travel for work, from as close as your own street to nationwide
  • About Symple

    Being a landlord carries plenty of responsibilities. We want to help take a few of those worries off your shoulders.

    We knew there had to be an easier way for landlords to book their gas safety, electrical installation, and energy performance inspections that are required by law. And an easier way to never forget when they’re due.

    And we thought while we’re at it, why don’t we make it easier for service providers to find opportunities to carry out their services, in a smooth and efficient way.

    Symple is a hassle free platform making life simple for both landlords and service providers

    About Symple