Landlords warned to get electrics checked now to avoid problems in 2025

The shortage of qualified electricians across the UK is an issue that’s causing significant concern among lettings agents and landlords alike. With projections indicating a shortfall of over 15,000 electricians over the next five years, it’s imperative to get ahead, understand the implications for your business, and take proactive steps to address them.

In this blog, we’ll explore the challenges posed by the electrician shortage and provide practical strategies for navigating compliance requirements and ensuring the safety of rental properties and tenants.

Why is the electrician shortage a problem for landlords and agents?

At the heart of the issue lies the need for Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs), which are essential for assessing the safety and compliance of electrical installations in rental properties. These reports, completed by certified electricians, are mandatory for all tenancies, with renewal requirements set at five-year intervals. The next wave of EICR renewals is expected to peak in 2025 and 2026, prompting concerns about the availability of qualified electricians to meet the demand.

Why are EICRs important?

EICRs play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of rental properties and protecting tenants from electrical hazards. By providing insights into the condition of electrical installations, these reports enable landlords and lettings agents to identify potential risks and take proactive measures to address them. From faulty wiring to outdated equipment, EICRs highlight areas that require attention, allowing for pre-emptive repairs and upgrades to be carried out before issues escalate.

Navigating Compliance Challenges

The impending wave of EICR renewals poses significant compliance challenges for lettings agents and landlords. With industry estimates indicating a shortage of qualified electricians, there’s a risk that delays in booking inspections could lead to non-compliance and safety issues. To mitigate these risks, it’s essential for stakeholders to adopt a proactive approach to managing EICR renewals. This includes maintaining organised records of renewal dates, booking inspections well in advance, and building relationships with trusted electricians who can prioritise their needs.

Identifying Areas of Shortage

Analysis of job vacancies for electricians reveals specific regions in the UK that are facing acute shortages. Counties such as Middlesex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, and London have the highest number of job openings for electricians, indicating a significant demand for qualified professionals. By understanding the regional dynamics of the electrician shortage, lettings agents and landlords can tailor their strategies for addressing compliance requirements and securing the services of qualified electricians.

Identifying areas for improvement

Despite the challenges posed by the electrician shortage, there are opportunities for improvement and innovation in the rental property sector. By investing in technology solutions and automation tools, agents and landlords can streamline compliance processes, improve efficiency, and enhance tenant safety. From automated reminders to seamless inspection arrangements, technology offers a range of solutions to address compliance requirements effectively.

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